Tribute to my father-in-law

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He passed away last week. He was a veteran man crafter and craftsman if I ever saw one. He could fix any car and troubleshoot anything. He always had time to be artistic and make functional things. He was a great story teller and was always loaded with jokes.I know where my wife got her creativity and humor!

He even constructed a big office space in his backyard from a metal shipping container, or like a big storage shed. He cut out and welded windows, and added air conditioning and tile floors.He had a passion for fixing and collecting cameras and had his own fleet of gas-powered airplanes. I wish I could have known him better. watchholder

His family grew up in the same area as my family, so we always had a strong connection. Here is something  he made in the last few months.

He had a big watch collection and a lot of the newer ones are solar powered and need to be in the light to stay charged. He build this stand to display them. He polished a piece of mesquite and used steel and the arm of a hammer to construct it. It looks manly and serves a good purpose, that is what being mantastic is all about.

He will be missed.