What does it mean to be a mantastic crafter?

Think McGuyer-meets-Batman-meets-Survivor Man with a shot of Inspector Gadget. And yeah, even Gilligan pops up every now and then. How about:

– Making what we need when we can’t find it at the store.
– Reclaiming our tools.
– Making the toys and gizmos we fantasized about as a kid.
– Appreciating tried and true advice and techniques from our elders.
– Having one foot in old school style, the other in progressive technology, and your heart in the home at all times.
– Being frugal, realistic, resourceful, imaginative and clever.

As a kid, the vacant lot next to my Grandma Minnie’s served as my playground. Standing with my cousins, we grinned in awe as the dirt glistened with quarter-sized pieces of broken glass. Providing much-needed shade under the morning Arizona sun, the trees waved their Halloween-like branches as if to welcome us. To others, it was a dusty eyesore punctuated with a dilapidated abandoned shack. Not to us. It was our fort, and we defended it at all costs. One day we mentally transformed it into a Western town, other times a medieval castle or a high-speed racetrack. We created makeshift swords and shields from cardboard, go-carts from stray shopping carts, hockey sticks from brooms. We assembled elaborate bike ramps, drum sets, nun chucks, and even wine bottle dirt bombs.

The seeds of my mantastic craftiness had been planted! I credit that vacant lot for expanding my imagination, breeding my engineering skills, and defining my artistic style that is heavily based on recycling. Decades later, the handmade lifestyle is my method of choice.

From the dawn of time, man has had to use his intellect and dexterous appendages to tackle some of the most basic needs. As the saying goes – necessity is the mother of invention. Anything that makes life a little easier, a little more comfortable, and a lot more fun – is mantastic!

In today’s times, the role of men is ever changing. Many of us are self-employed, telecommuters, or proud stay-at-home dads. Now that we are spending more hours at home, we find ourselves surrounded by female influence. From TV shows to travel, home décor to floral scented candles – our ladies have taken over.

This web site is my way of luring us men out of our caves. To step away from the “honey-do” list and add our own touches to the scene. Don’t get me wrong, where would we be without our wonderful women and the countless loving touches they contribute to our lives? However, but balance and harmony starts at home. By trying some of these projects, she’ll love that you are taking a personal interest in your living space. I’m here to tell you that a little more “Daddy-love” in the world won’t only make it more beautiful – but also more mantastic!

– Patrick Murillo, the Mantastic Crafter