Real men can use rubber stamps too!

Patrick Murillo Comic book, mantastic crafts

I know there are a lot of cool rubber stamps out there. I’ve had different offers from companies ask me about making my skeleton designs into them. I never followed up because I don’t have the energy. And I never really got into using rubber stamps. Well that has all changed. A few months ago we sorted out our art room and Kathy put all her stamps in one area. I like to poke around in Kathy’s supplies, I think she tries to hide the good stuff from me. That’s where I found these Aztec stamps. She bought them last summer when we were on the sparkle glitter tour at Olvera Candle Shop in downtown Los Angeles. I don’t know who makes them but the candle shop sells them!

Last night was my brother-in-law’s birthday party. He drinks more beer than I do. I bought him a two-person beer bong (it was the hit of the party!) and I made him a card and envelope using the stamps. To make his name I used one of the stamps that was long, I think it was meant to be used as a border, but it makes good letters too!


For the above design, I filled in with a Sharpie marker (the dots).