I’ve been playing music since grade school. In grade school and high school, it was the trumpet. In college, the electric guitar. I grew up on lowrider oldies, funk and R&B. But when I went on vacation to Jamaica in 1987, my life changed because I fell in love with reggae music and the socially conscious messages. Music heals. Reggae music heals. I started writing songs and playing the keyboards. I didn’t have a band, so I used to sit under a tree at college and just sing. I fuse all the styles into what I call “desert rat reggae” and I often sing in Spanglish. I’ve played at gigs all over Arizona. I love playing for school kids, at art walks, and on the Indian reservations. And of course, the clubs too! I do solo gigs, trios and full-on band shows. As long as i can sing, I’mhappy! My band has opened for many of the reggae greats – Steel Pulse, Ini Kamoze, Third World, Yellowman, Inner Circle and a hecka lot of others! Music is my life, I love writing and singing more than I love art! Come check out a gig and support the Arizona reggae scene!