Make a pirate bobblehead!

Patrick Murillo Featured News, mantastic crafts


I love pirates. When I was a kid and my mom would take me to Disneyland. I used to think about how I could hop out of the boat and hide in the props of the ride. I’ve seen the Johnny Depp movies more times that I can count. I made my wife buy me a pirate chest DVD player for Christmas. I love pirates and want to be one  except that I don’t do well in water. Go figure!

I made this bobblehead from polymer clay and a spring. I made the body and then mounted it to a block of wood. I painted it and attached a spring on top. I made the head and left the face smooth so I could glue a picture of my face on it. I used a marker to make a mushtache. This picture shows how I constructed it. You can make a bobblehead out of anything as long as you have a spring!