emerging from my workshop

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I haven’t had time to blog lately, I’ve been super busy making art. The orders for fall are starting to flow in, and i’m trying to get a jump on the season. Here is what I’ve made!

Craft and Hobby Supershow in Orlando Florida

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After a 3hour and forty five minute flight from Phoenix, we touched down in the humid land of Florida. Every day it rained like clockwork at five.My son, DeAngelo, and I took a taxi ride to the city of Orange County where we stayed at the Embassy Suites. My wife Kathy (aka the Crafty Chica) and my daughter Maya were …

Tribute to my father-in-law

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He passed away last week. He was a veteran man crafter and craftsman if I ever saw one. He could fix any car and troubleshoot anything. He always had time to be artistic and make functional things. He was a great story teller and was always loaded with jokes.I know where my wife got her creativity and humor! He even …

Man-friendly TV Tray!

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Here is it, my TV tray! This started with a plain $10 folding tray. This is for when you want to eat in front of the TV set. You know, like when Deadliest Catch has a marathon? I used Stencil1.com stencils and Crafty Chica paints and glitters and I doorhandle sized drill bit so the drink cozy would fit right …

Real men can use rubber stamps too!

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I know there are a lot of cool rubber stamps out there. I’ve had different offers from companies ask me about making my skeleton designs into them. I never followed up because I don’t have the energy. And I never really got into using rubber stamps. Well that has all changed. A few months ago we sorted out our art …

Sharpie Tattoo!

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Last night we went to my brother-in-law’s 37th birthday party and let me tell you, he is a partier! We needed to dress for the occasion. At the last minute I whipped out a Sharpie and drew tattoos on our arms. To make this tattoo, first I used an Aztec rubber stamp. I used a stamp pad called Staz On. …

Fisherman’s Tackle Box-In-A-Hat

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I’ve had this idea in my head for ages and I finally made it! It’s a tackle box inside your hat! I bought a hat at the army surplus store. I  kept it intact and created a shallow “tray” from acetate sheets and then used camo fabric I bought to go over it. I used hot glue to put it …

Final Shadow Puppet Theater!

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Here is my final puppet theater! It’s really easy, just line the back of an open frame with a sheet of white tissue paper. You can then make a stand to hold up your frame. You can also do this technique on a window! CLICK ON HEADLINE TO LEAVE A COMMENT 🙂

Shadow Puppets

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Last week my wife was away in Fresno working on the crafty chica product line. All our world stops when she is away! She is home now and the house is happy again. While she was gone I made these shadow puppets. You’ll never guess the material. It is from cereal boxes! First you draw your design and cut it …