My sister and brother-in-law at Maker Faire!

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This is my sister, anjelica, and my brother-in-law (her husband, Ben). They went to Maker Faire to see Kathy and Maya. While they were there they got super crafty. Ben silk screened the shirt right off his body (muy mantastic!), and my sister sewed her top at the Swaparamarama. I guess creativity runs in the family!

I love women especially wet woman with fish tails!(win me as a print if you can help name me)

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This is my newest painting for framed prints and my host mascott for Mantastic Comix!You wont find her in any old poolside party but you can find her only here on the most Mantastic site ever!Help me find her a name and win her print for free!!

Bad Boy Bottles

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What can I say? At least I am recycling! Acrylic, glitter and varnish – on 40 ouncers. * click on headline to leave me a comment.*

Final Shadow Puppet Theater!

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Here is my final puppet theater! It’s really easy, just line the back of an open frame with a sheet of white tissue paper. You can then make a stand to hold up your frame. You can also do this technique on a window! CLICK ON HEADLINE TO LEAVE A COMMENT 🙂

want to see our studio?

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The summer edition of STUDIOS magazine has featured my wife kathy(aka)the crafty chica in the summer 2009 printing.Page 28 has full color pics of our home estudio and highlights our love of the full color spectrum!   The article is entitled” All that glitters”and the mag. is full of cool art spaces and ideas ,check it!O.K! its FEMTASTIC!

Papel picado-esque drawings

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I’m trying to capture the spirit of papel picado by way of Sharpie markers and typing paper. It’s a little tricky, but so far so good, I’m now working on the border of this design. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE TO LEAVE ME A COMMENT.

Shadow Puppets

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Last week my wife was away in Fresno working on the crafty chica product line. All our world stops when she is away! She is home now and the house is happy again. While she was gone I made these shadow puppets. You’ll never guess the material. It is from cereal boxes! First you draw your design and cut it …

Maya in the Moment

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This is my daughter’s little web site for her videos. She really knows how to work t he computer and the graphics program. I’m really proud of her! We are trying to help our son find something he likes. He is going to college full time so he is a little preoccupied and that is OK!