Mantastic crafting in New Orleans

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From wikipedia: Mardi Gras Indians are African-American Carnival revelers in New Orleans, Louisiana, who dress up for Mardi Gras in suits influenced by Native American ceremonial apparel. The Mantastic Craft of the Year Award goes to (im my opinion) to the Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans for their beautifully creative creations done yearly, sewn by hand – no glue …

Real men can use rubber stamps too!

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I know there are a lot of cool rubber stamps out there. I’ve had different offers from companies ask me about making my skeleton designs into them. I never followed up because I don’t have the energy. And I never really got into using rubber stamps. Well that has all changed. A few months ago we sorted out our art …

I love women especially wet woman with fish tails!(win me as a print if you can help name me)

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This is my newest painting for framed prints and my host mascott for Mantastic Comix!You wont find her in any old poolside party but you can find her only here on the most Mantastic site ever!Help me find her a name and win her print for free!!

Final Shadow Puppet Theater!

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Here is my final puppet theater! It’s really easy, just line the back of an open frame with a sheet of white tissue paper. You can then make a stand to hold up your frame. You can also do this technique on a window! CLICK ON HEADLINE TO LEAVE A COMMENT 🙂

Introducing: Mantastic Comics!

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This is from a new comic book I’m drawing. With this project, i’m going back to my roots of line drawing. Black ink on white paper. First I sketch in pencil and then go over it in ink. I’ll be posting my pages as I finish them. These could turn into t-shirts, postcards whatever the imagination calls for. A piece …