Tribute to my father-in-law

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He passed away last week. He was a veteran man crafter and craftsman if I ever saw one. He could fix any car and troubleshoot anything. He always had time to be artistic and make functional things. He was a great story teller and was always loaded with jokes.I know where my wife got her creativity and humor!

He even constructed a big office space in his backyard from a metal shipping container, or like a big storage shed. He cut out and welded windows, and added air conditioning and tile floors.He had a passion for fixing and collecting cameras and had his own fleet of gas-powered airplanes. I wish I could have known him better. watchholder

His family grew up in the same area as my family, so we always had a strong connection. Here is something  he made in the last few months.

He had a big watch collection and a lot of the newer ones are solar powered and need to be in the light to stay charged. He build this stand to display them. He polished a piece of mesquite and used steel and the arm of a hammer to construct it. It looks manly and serves a good purpose, that is what being mantastic is all about.

He will be missed.

Man-friendly TV Tray!

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Here is it, my TV tray! This started with a plain $10 folding tray. This is for when you want to eat in front of the TV set. You know, like when Deadliest Catch has a marathon? I used stencils and Crafty Chica paints and glitters and I doorhandle sized drill bit so the drink cozy would fit right in. The whole thing is sealed in resin.  I added a magazine rack (a bamboo placemat held to tray with drilled holes and wire hanger pieces) to the side and best of all a flag on the other side. Why a flag? So I can raise it when I want seconds! Chop-chop kiddos, Daddy wants another round of mac and cheese!

Orlando, FL here I come!

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I’m excited to be a part of the Craft and Hobby Association (craft industry trade show!) Mantastic corral coming up later this month at the Craft Consumer Super Show! Duncan Enterprises is sponsoring me to do make and take projects on Aug 1 and 2. Better yet, August 1st is my birthday! Here is my photo for the event. I’m ready to paint the town!

Real men can use rubber stamps too!

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I know there are a lot of cool rubber stamps out there. I’ve had different offers from companies ask me about making my skeleton designs into them. I never followed up because I don’t have the energy. And I never really got into using rubber stamps. Well that has all changed. A few months ago we sorted out our art room and Kathy put all her stamps in one area. I like to poke around in Kathy’s supplies, I think she tries to hide the good stuff from me. That’s where I found these Aztec stamps. She bought them last summer when we were on the sparkle glitter tour at Olvera Candle Shop in downtown Los Angeles. I don’t know who makes them but the candle shop sells them!

Last night was my brother-in-law’s birthday party. He drinks more beer than I do. I bought him a two-person beer bong (it was the hit of the party!) and I made him a card and envelope using the stamps. To make his name I used one of the stamps that was long, I think it was meant to be used as a border, but it makes good letters too!


For the above design, I filled in with a Sharpie marker (the dots).

Sharpie Tattoo!

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Last night we went to my brother-in-law’s 37th birthday party and let me tell you, he is a partier! We needed to dress for the occasion. At the last minute I whipped out a Sharpie and drew tattoos on our arms.

To make this tattoo, first I used an Aztec rubber stamp. I used a stamp pad called Staz On. And then I drew around it with the Sharpie. You can use different color markers with Qtips dipped in rubbing alcohol. Sharpie should come out with Skin Tattoo Markers, with stencils, a blending tool and an alcohol dabber. They would make a million bucks!

Daddy TV Tray: Step 1, Flag

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linopiratestickpaperlinopirate4One of my upcoming projects is a TV tray for the man of the house. Here is part of the process, making the flag for the side of the tray. I carved a design in a piece of linoleum and printed it on paper. That way I can use the image over and over on other projects. more on this to come!

Patriotic Puppy

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apupLast week Kathy was rushing to get ready to leave to Fresno for a week. One of things she had to do was make a 4th of July project for the web site. She goes PLEASE MAKE SOMETHING! I grabbed a ceramic Chihuahua and a wood base and a toilet paper roll and made a devious little puppy statue. Check out Kathy’s blog for the directions. You can buy the dog from Happy 4th of July!

Fisherman’s Tackle Box-In-A-Hat

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I’ve had this idea in my head for ages and I finally made it! It’s a tackle box inside your hat! I bought a hat at the army surplus store. I  kept it intact and created a shallow “tray” from acetate sheets and then used camo fabric I bought to go over it. I used hot glue to put it together. I made small compartments for fishing supplies. I also added a waterproof iPod holder on the side, and a small case for tiny objects. I also had to make sure that everything was very lightweight. No one likes a fisherman with a headache! Now that is what I call MANTASTIC!


I’m mentioned in the Denver Post today!

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Victor Domine from the Craft and Hobby Association has been one of my biggest mantastic supporters! I want to tell him thank you for mentioning me to this reporter. She did an article on how popular masculine crafts are becoming and mentioned me. Click here to read Men take on female-dominated craft world: Crafting’s new face, By Elana Ashanti Jefferson, The Denver Post. Thank you too Elana!