Crafting Like a Man series for Phoenix New Times

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New Times’ Jackalope Ranch blog is hosting a cool series with a reporter working with me on craft projects. Check them out! Colin is doing a great job!

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Week 2 – DIY Bobbleheads

Week 1 – Glittered ornaments

My new CD is now on sale!

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It feels like it has taken forever, but I’m happy to say – my new cd is finally here, shrink wrapped and ready for purchase. Special thanks to my friend, Richard Castillo for making it happen. You can buy a copy here, and we will have it up on iTunes shortly!

It’s what I call “chicano reggae!” I called the CD “Destroyers of the Earth, because I feel we are at a crucial time in the world. I hope some of my songs are a wake up call! But don’t worry, there are also happy songs on the disc as well. Life is all about balance, right? To hear some of my music, visit

Mantastic crafting in New Orleans

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From wikipedia: Mardi Gras Indians are African-American Carnival revelers in New Orleans, Louisiana, who dress up for Mardi Gras in suits influenced by Native American ceremonial apparel.


The Mantastic Craft of the Year Award goes to (im my opinion) to the Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans for their beautifully creative creations done yearly, sewn by hand – no glue gun! They devote many hours to intricate handiwork sewing beads, feathers and sequins to canvas foundations. There are three costumes – the big chief, the flag boy and the spy boy. They each have their own song, and they parade throughout the neighborhood in search of other Mardi Gras Indians, all during St. Joseph’s Day.


As a musician and artist, I became a fan after watching the HBO series, Treme. It inspired me to check out the music, watch all the episodes – hey, let’s all meet in New Orleans next year!


Anyway, their elaborate costumes inspired me to make some Aztec sculptures. There are so many similarities to the costumes, I couldn’t resist!aztec

My painting featured on Dad Camp on VH1!

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picture-5The dads had to go shopping for gifts for their baby mamas and this pop shopped in our booth! This is at Handmade Galleries in Los Angeles. Our space is cleaned out at the moment (yes, the painting sold), but I’m making more art to send out to fill it up!

New show up at Barrio Cafe

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barrio1I have a collection of paintings up for sale at Barrio Cafe in Phoenix. They’ll be up through August.

Barrio Cafe Inc

2814 North 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85006-1205
(602) 636-0240