Buy my new coloring book!

Patrick Murillo Coloring Book, illustration

We did a test run using a format from Fed Ex and now we made it official and self-published my first coloring book! Here is where you can order it!

I’m back!

Patrick Murillo life, painting


Here is a customer with one of my paintings she bought at Barrio Cafe!


I’ve been away from my blog for a while but for good reason, I’ve been busy with painting! I feel blessed that my collectors and supporters have kept me working steadily. I’m just about ready to wrap a summer-long show at Barrio Cafe in Phoenix, then I have a few other shows as well. While it  hard for me to get online and update everything, I do try to update my Facebook page, which you can find here:

Jah love and God bless!

Everything on this site copyrighted by ME!

Patrick Murillo illustration, News

I’ve had three cases this week of people taking my images and putting them on things to sell and make money off of. It’s so not cool. Everything is copyrighted by me. I took the time to paint each and every painting to earn money to support my family. It’s not fair for someone else to steal images so they can make money. Take an art class and learn how to paint in your own style. The easy, short way is never the best. It will give you bad karma. Sorry, just venting. It makes me so mad. Especially when we ask people politely to please stop using my art to sell for their own commercial gain and they respond like it is MY fault and don’t even offer a courteous apology.