Shadow Puppets

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Last week my wife was away in Fresno working on the crafty chica product line. All our world stops when she is away! She is home now and the house is happy again. While she was gone I made these shadow puppets. You’ll never guess the material. It is from cereal boxes! First you draw your design and cut it …

Maya in the Moment

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This is my daughter’s little web site for her videos. She really knows how to work t he computer and the graphics program. I’m really proud of her! We are trying to help our son find something he likes. He is going to college full time so he is a little preoccupied and that is OK!

New paintings

Patrick Murillo Featured News

Here are some new paintings I finsihed and put up on Etsy. I know my site is mantastic CRAFTS, but painting is in my soul, so I do both. Click on the images for bigger view. And click on the headline if you want to leave me a comment.

Tree of Life Sculpture

Patrick Murillo Featured News, mantastic crafts

CLICK ON EACH IMAGE TO SEE MORE DETAIL. I finally finished my tree of life sculpture. It took a few days but it was worth it. With clay and wire you can make just about anything. I’m going to be posting this for sale on Etsy! CLICK ON THE HEADLINE TO LEAVE A COMMENT

My new Etsy store!

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I’m on a roll with this internet stuff, so my wife helped me set up an etsy store. We have our ChicanoPopArt shop that we’ve had for years, but Kathy says Etsy is where it is at. I just posted two paintings and a birdhouse. Thanks to all of you for embracing my new endeavor and making me feel at …

Make a pirate bobblehead!

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I love pirates. When I was a kid and my mom would take me to Disneyland. I used to think about how I could hop out of the boat and hide in the props of the ride. I’ve seen the Johnny Depp movies more times that I can count. I made my wife buy me a pirate chest DVD player …

Day of the Dead linocut

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My wife, Kathy, just recently stumbled upon the art of print making using linoleum squares and some wood carving knives. It’s called block printing or lino cuts. She was so thrilled with the technique that she carved a whole bunch, running in and out of the art room waving her newly pressed prints like a kid. She bugged me to …

I love drawing women!

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Hope this is not too racy (laughs). I used to always carry around a blank sketchbook with me when I was in high school. I doodled in it in class when I was supposed to be taking notes. My wife always teases me that I like to draw curvy women, sometimes she even makes me tone it down. I tell …

Introducing: Mantastic Comics!

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This is from a new comic book I’m drawing. With this project, i’m going back to my roots of line drawing. Black ink on white paper. First I sketch in pencil and then go over it in ink. I’ll be posting my pages as I finish them. These could turn into t-shirts, postcards whatever the imagination calls for. A piece …